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Disabling Auto Play in Windows
All of you might have come across the autoplay when we insert any CD or DVD or USB Device. A pop up window will asking how do you want to open the drive. What actually happens here is that OS reads your removable device either it may be a USB or it may be CD or DVD to see what are the possible applications that you can use to open the drive. And if the USB drive is infected with a autorun file when you click open virus will enter into your system. This autoplay feature is used by most of famous antivirus software (nod32,avast) to catch any possible infections as soon as you insert your USB to the machine. Once you disable antivirus doesn't detect virus as soon as you insert your pen drive, but don't worry it will catch the virus once you scan your drive. I suggest you disable this autoplay feature in your computer.
The steps for disabling autoplay are
1. Click on start then on run and in the run window type gpedit.msc and click OK.
2. The group policy editor window will open as shown below.
3. In the Computer configuration collapse the Last option that is "Administrative Template". In the Administrative Template select "System" options (do not double click or collapse it). In the split window you will see lot of options. These steps are shown below.
4. In the split window scroll a little down and select option "turn off auto play " and double click on it, you will get a pop up window as shown below.

5. By default the auto play is enabled in your computer i.e Turn Off auto play is disabled as shown in above picture. Now select Enabled. Now from the drop down list Turn Off Auto Play on select All drives. (You will be given 2 options on CD-ROM and All drives I suggest you disable auto play on all drives). As shown below.
6. You are done now just click on Apply and OK.

if you have any problem in doing this you can leave your question back as comment
Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 27 September 2008

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