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Why windows? Why not LINUX ????
We all started our computer basics in one of the Microsoft OS, may be Windows 98 or Windows XP. I also started my computer life with XP later i came accross the OS Linux, I was really amazed to see features Linux provides. This OS is having superb security features which windows OS normally lacks.
To start with

All windows user have common problem called "virus", all (maximum) of windows OS software are commercial software, i.e we need to pay for it or get a pirated copy a punishable act but we still follow. Well what can we do we got windows OS from our computer vendor for free and we don't know whether it is Original version or Pirated but most of the times it'll be pirated. Since we are using pirated software we can't expect any technical support from the software vendors also. Along with all this we need a anti virus software which we may get for free but most of times it won't be much effective to get good anti virus software we need to pay or again use pirated. If i go on talking this problem list will never end.
So now lets compare these facts with Linux
  • Linux is a open source operating system i.e we get it for free. You need to pay a little amount if you want to get it on DVD, but you can download it for free and make your own DVD.
  • Linux is not having any virus problem so no need of anti virus software(This is really what we wanted).
  • All software packages which are supplied with it are freewares, you also get technical support if you have any problem.
Why no virus problem for Linux?
In Linux you can not run a program without execute permission, unlike in windows all files with .exe extension are executable. You can run or use only those programs which are yours or of someone who is in your group. The program which run during system start up are Super User privileged. Only Super user can change ownership of any files and so on... With this much security its very hard to write a virus code for Linux.

Besides Linux provides support for programming and software development. It has inbuilt compilers for C, C++ java and many other languages. It also provides secure browsing, no need to be afraid of virus attack!! It provides many communication features like ftp,telnet,SSH(secure shell client) for remote log in and file transfer. You can also access windows clients for file transfer and printing and other activities using "Samba" software. You can get more detail about this in these links


Not only that you can also walk on the files all around the world using FISH protocol supported in KDE3.1 and higher. You can get more details about this in following link

New version of Linux distribution like Mandriva,Fedora Open SUSE are having good User interface and even the 3D desktop.

You can also install windows programs in Linux using WINE(Windows Emulator)
You can also install whole windows operating system in Linux using Virtual Machine like Virtual Box and Quemu which comes along with the Linux DVD and are freeware too!!

We have all features of Windows and More than that !! Yet we Like Windows not Linux, Strange but fact.

If any mistakes or if i've told something wrong please do write the comments
Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 20 September 2008

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