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An awsome audio enhancer Stereo Tool (DSP Plug-in)
Your speaker's are not giving good quality out put? Want to get good effects hidden in each song? Then you should download this plug-in for Winamp like players this include these players Winamp, SAM Broadcaster, RadioBOSS and all those player which supports Winamp DSP plug-ins.
I came accross this when my sir gave me the link of the website of this tool. As its a free software I thought  it might not be that good still I wanted to give it a try so downloaded it from this link. Here you will see a screen shot of this tool just click on it to download the plug-in.

Direct Download Link
Before I was using DFX Audio Enhancer which is rated as the best audio enhancer in google also a proprietary software. But after using Stereo Tool plug-in I found DFX is nothing compared to this free software. Ya there is some problem with clarity if you try to alter all the controls shown in above image at a time, I suggest try  each controls individually to see their effects especially try increasing Post AMP and Pre Amps at top sound of the song will be boosted awesomely. Forgot to mention some  of the  features are trial  what the website  tells about the trial  features is 
If these features are enabled on the free (non-registered) version, a message ('This sound is processed by Stereo Tool') is played once every 12 hours. This should not interfere with most non-commercial usage.
 So not a big problem rite?  This plug-in is actually developed for the FM-Stations so registered version is for the FM Stations. And when you activate you can see a line telling that trial features activated in the header of the plug-in. When you launch Winamp the plug-in will be launched along with it if you don't want this to happen in the plug-in there is a option which says "open as a system tray icon on launch" just check this option and it will reside in your system tray when you open it. I also suggest you to play songs without selecting any presets(also play with presets you will notice the difference).

This software is for Windows only but don't worry Linux is  also having similar things one of them is Ardour Digital Audio Workstation check out this link.
Well folks I hope you people will also like the Stereo Tool. Try it and don't forget to leave your experience as a comment :) 
Posted by: copyninja on Monday, 27 October 2008

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