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Font Help in Mandriva 2008.1
Is Firefox in Mandriva 2008 not displaying the Websites in local fonts properly ? Well in such case don't worry cos even I had the same problem but I solved the problem and now I'm going to tell how can you people do it in Mandriva. Don't worry you don't have to use Shell for configuring this its All done through Mandriva' s  control center. First launch the Control Center. You will see a side bar containing some tabs and  a wide right part. You can have a look at it below.

You can see the Software Management tab now click on Install and Remove Software in the right part of the Window. In the software management window set the to drop down list in top left corner to "All". In the side bar Collapse "System" under that collapse "Fonts" and select "True Type" now in the right side you will see list of fonts available, if check box in front of font name is checked then that font is all ready installed in your system. In the list search for "fontsttfkannada"(any local font you wnat I wanted Kannada) and check the check box in front of it. Also click on internationalisation and select package locales-kn(for kannada language). Steps(installing kannada font) which I told here are shown in the image below.

Now just click on Apply button. One good thing about Mandriva which I want to mention here is whenever you install a package Mandriva will search for all the dependencies of the package will be searched and installed, so you don't have to worry about dependencies. So when you click on apply you may get a box specifying dependencies and asking your confirmation for installing them. Just click "OK" in such case. Make sure you are connected to Internet. Mandriva will ask confirmation for connecting to internet and download all required packages and installs them. Once this is done what next? See image given below.
As shown in above image select the System tab in left bar. In the right window click "Manage, add and remove fonts. Import Windows(TM) fonts" A font window  will open up as shown in image below.
At the bottom of window you can see 4 buttons click on "import" and a Import fonts window will pop up which you can see in the above image. There click on the  "Add"  button it will open up a window  for searching the fonts  there follow this path
This is the folder were the fontsttfkannada is installed by Mandriva. In this folder you will see single font by name "Sampige.ttf" select it and click "Open" button given at bottom of window. Following image describes this step.
Now you will be returned to Import fonts window you will see "install" button in the bottom right corner just click on it and font will get installed but import window will be there even after installation is complete now just click on "Cancel" and now check if "Sampige"(or font name) is in the font list. Now click on Close. One more step to go. See image below.
Now again in the "System" tab just click on "Manage localization of the system" in the window which pops up search for "Kannada"(or any font you want) clcik on "Next" next window will give you a least of Countries were "India" will be selected if you select any Indian Language in previous window. Click next  to finish the job. Log off and then Log in again for changes made to take effect. And try opening your favourite local language site and there you go now every thing is looking how it should look. Here are set of images which describe these steps.
This is how Kannada website http://sampada.net will look in Mandriva after making the changes.
Now tell me whether you felt it difficult or easy to configure the local fonts in Mandriva :) 
Posted by: copyninja on Tuesday, 28 October 2008

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