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Linux - According to me
Linux was created by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991. Linux is a operating system Kernel used by a family of Unix Like operating systems.It is released under the GNU General Public License version 2(GPLv2). 
     According to me now a days LINUX is the name given to collection of Operating System in common rather than any single OS. There are many communities providing Linux-Distro's some of them are Red Hat,Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, Slackware(oldest surviving Linux distro) and so on. I've worked already on Red Hat Enterprise,Fedora,Ubuntu,Mandriva and Open SUSE. After working on these flavours of Linux I want to share my experiences and thoughts.
    The main difference between all these flavours which I worked are their GUI and User friendliness. Even though it is better to work on Linux system through shell prompt there are times where we need to use the GUI and when we use it we want it to be friendly with us. Well if you are looking for User friendly Linux distro's I suggest you to use the Ubuntu or Mandriva. I personally recommend Mandriva (my experience). The GUI i Red Hat and Fedora are good but when it comes to system administration, software installation and removal Mandriva is good because of its user friendly Control Center which allows us to do all the system maintenance from a single place. Even though Fedora 8 ,Fedora 9 and Open SUSE are having the control center its not as effective as Mandriva's Control center. Following are the screen shots of Mandriva Control Center.

    Now lets look at the development end as a programmer I prefer either Red Hat or Fedora the most next preference is to Mandriva. The reason for this may be because I started programming in Red Enterprise Linux and Fedora is a project is maintained and driven by the community and sponsored by Red Hat for this reason most of the programming environment is similar to Red Hat. Mandriva even though good for programming some required library files are placed in the locations other than the one in which they are normally found on other Linux platforms. I experienced this when I first migrated from Red Hat platform to Mandriva 2008. Actually what happened is in Red Hat after compiling lex programs with lex commands generated C file (lex.yy.c) should be compiled with C compiler (cc or gcc) by giving switch -ll which stands for Lex Library but in Mandriva an error was reported by ld(linker) that specified library is not found same thing happened when I tried to compile file generated by yacc command. Later I found that some of required library files are placed in different path than it should be.

   Commands are the third thing which I want to talk. Some of the commands which I found in Red Hat and Fedora are not found in Open SUSE!!! 
   Next is installation of the third party software in Linux OS, its the most difficult job for developers to develop the software that can run on all the Linux platforms and thereby user should use only those specified flavours of Linux to run this programs.

   After seeing all these problems I thought that it would be better if following changes are made to Linux
  • There should be a central controlling committee for Linux which should bring out a single Kernel that should be used by all the flavours. All the communities  should provide the changes made to the Kernel by them to this committee and this committee is responsible for coming up with final Kernel which should be used by all communities providing Linux Distro's 
    • This helps a lot for the developer to come up with a software program that can be used on any Linux flavours without much changes and thus the user can use the distro's they like
  • There should be a standard file system hierarchy that should be followed by all the Distro's (i.e system, administration, Development, Library files should be placed in the same well defined locations).
  • There should be a standard set of commands that should be present in all distro's
After following these rules the different distro's can provide their own UI. 
   Thus if all the distro's follow these rules it'll be really helpful to third party Software developers and Programmers and Linux will become number one OS in the world.
Posted by: copyninja on Monday, 13 October 2008

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