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Virtualisation Using Virtual Box
Ever imagined of using a new OS in your existing OS may be Windows or Linux without rebooting your system, well you can do it if you have Virtual Machine softwares some of them are VMWare,Virtual Box by SUN,Quemu etc. Here i'm going to tell how to set up a new system inside your Windows OS using Virtual Box.Download Virtual Box from this link.Install the software and then launch Virtual Box.From the File menu select Virtual Disk Manager. See image below
Virtual Disk manager will pop up, there click on new and a disk creating wizard will pop up as shown in the image below. Click next and select Fixed-size image.In the next window you should allocate size for virtual hard disk image. Maximum possible for Fixed allocation is 3.5GB. Image describing the step are below.

As you can see you can name your hard disk file also image will be stored by default in C drive in MyDocuments . Click on the folder icon to browse to other drive and save there. Click next and click on Finish, image creation will start. If you want more you space can repeat the procedure again to create another disk image. I suggest you shoul provide atleast 6GB space for Linux installation.
Now you are done with creating hard disk required for your for your virtual system and click OK on Disk Manager. Now its time to setup your machine. Click on New button you can see in tooll bar. Virtual Machine wizzard will pop up. Give a name to your virtual machine and select OS from the drop down list. See image below.
Click Next, next window allows to specify RAM for your virtual system. Beaware the amount specified will be used by virtual machine when you start it so first confirm how much RAM your system is having and then allocate wisely to your virtual machine. See image below I have 512MB RAM so allocated 256MB to virtual machine.
Click next and you now have to allocate hard disk for your system. Since we allready created the hard disks just click on Existing allocate one of already created and click next and click Finish. Your virtual machine is ready,  there are few things you need to do before you can start your virtual machine. Sice maximum possible hard disk allocated by virtual box is 3.5GB you may want to add some more space. Now click on Hard Disk in the main window and settings of virtual machine will pop up there click on Attach New Hard Disk icon and attach how much ever spce you want. See image below.
Now in the Settings window click on CD-ROM tab and check Mount CD/DVD Drive and then click Ok. See image below.
You may also want to share some folders in your system with you virtual machine that also you can do it just click on Shared Folders tab and browse and add file you require. But remember the folder name since you  need it to mount it in virtual machine.
Now you are done start the vitual machine and install your OS and enjoy the Virtualization :)
Posted by: copyninja on Friday, 7 November 2008

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