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IRC - A Best way to Learn new things

Well IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. A real time chat protocol. For using you don't have to be registered with  any of Mail service providers like (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.). You just need to attach your self to a server. Don't worry you only need to specify a server rest is done by your IRC software. There are many IRC servers are available some of them are freenode, moznet, dalnet.(This links don't point to web pages !). Ok once you attach yourself to some of the server you need to join some channels. Channels here are nothing but real time discussion groups.

Well you may ask what is the big deal in IRC? Well here you find many useful channels(discussion groups) related to javascript, Java,Linux and many other technical non technical channels. So  if you are a programmer and you get stuck in  your program and don't know what to do then you can ask your doubts here you will definitely get answers for your problem. Most of the answers you get are from developers itself who have solved the problems. Many development companies have their own IRC channels to help developers and thier users. You can get help here 24X7.

Finally you can create your own channel and chat with your friends ! you can make it public or private channel also restrict number of users.

Here are some basic commands you need to use IRC each commands begin with a /

/attach    attach your self to a server (/attach freenode) /join        join or create a new channel (/join #kannada) /list         lists channels that are available /leave      disconects from the current channel /nick       to change your nick name in IRC (/nick vasu sets my name to vasu)

If you need further help you can use this site. There are many IRC software like Pidgin (works in WINDOWS also) X-Chat and if you don't want to install software you can use Chatzilla add-on for firefox. One last thing I want to say is please don't misbehave in channels or else you may get booted (kicked) out of it :)

Posted by: copyninja on Monday, 26 January 2009

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