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Microsoft Office Live
We know about Google docs now the MS has also entered the same field by starting Office Live. I came across this when I installed Windows Live writer. Windows Live software suit consists of Office Live Add-in. When you click on it you will be taken to website http://workspace.office.live.com. You need to login with your Live ID. Well there is a big difference between Google Docs and Office Live
Google Docs allows you to create docs online and also allows offline access to the documents using Google Gears. Well story in Office Live is different when you click on new word it Launches Word in your PC !!!! Well my system has 512MB RAM and System got hung and I had to press reset button. Their site it takes lot of time to load in slow internet with all flashy things. Huh what else can I expect . (Well its my fault that I’ve less RAM :) ).
You can also access it from you Office software. See image below.
Well this is a good news for all those who want to do their work in MS Office. Hope the beta label will be removed soon….
Posted by: copyninja on Tuesday, 20 January 2009

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