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mono - A .NET frame work for Linux (Cross Platform)
Mono is a Cross platform .NET framework development project lead by Novell. Its main aim is to create a .NET comaptible set of tools that can be run on Linux, BSD, UNIX, Mac OS, Solaris and Windows operating system !. Its licensed under GPL, LGPL and MIT. First version of Mono was released in 2004 and current release is mono 2.0. Current release provides the core API's of .NET framework and Visual Basic .NET and C# version 2.0. It also supports Java, Boo, Python, Javascript, PHP etc.
Mono consists of 3 groups of components
  1. Core components
  2. Mono/Linux/GNOME development stack
  3. Microsoft compatibility stack
Frame work architecture of Mono
Mono and Microsoft'w patent issue
On November 2, 2006, Microsoft and Novell announced a joint agreement whereby Microsoft agreed to not sue Novell’s customers for patent infringement.[10] According to Mono project leader Miguel de Icaza,[11] this agreement extends to Mono but only for Novell developers and customers. It was criticized by some members of the free software community because it violates the principles of giving equal rights to all users of a particular program (see Novell and their Patent Agreement with Microsoft).

Currently GNOME is using mono packages and some of the application for GNOME like Banshi, Beagle desktop search, F-spot are developed using Mono API.
Mono is also providing MonoDevelop a free C# and ASP .NET IDE. You can download it and other Mono packages for your system from Mono's project website here is the link http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page.
Overall I can say Microsoft's propereitary .NET framework which is developed only for Windows XP can now be migrated to all the platforms due to the efforts of Open source community. ;) (You can get full explanation of Framework architecture of Mono in Wikipedia and Mono project Website).
Mono project website
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