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My Final year project IDEA !!
Well long waited final semester of Engineering has finally come ;). This semester we need to do a project and I was not at all getting any idea regarding the project. Finally our college System Analyst gave me idea and I'm waiting to work on his idea. Well I'm going to give a brief introduction of the idea here.
The name I gave to my project is very long and I don't know whether the name suits the idea. If you folks have a better name for the project please let me know about it. For now its called "Centralised Internet Access Control and Monitoring System". Well let me describe what is my project actually. 
Main idea is to provide a single server to allow all the persons to access internet. Presently we have arround 6 server (say) in our college. In each floor systems accessing internet is given different IP address. Say in 5th floor its 172.16.4.* and for 3rd its 172.16.3.* and some machines also have a range of 172.16.2.*. So main idea is to have a single IP range for all the machines that are allowed to access internet. Which means we should have a single server to control internet access for all machines in the college. Well you may think what is the big deal in this ;). Wait till you listen to entire story.
Second thing what our system analyst wanted to do is controll user access to the internet.Currently students should manually enter their USN in a sheet when they enter the lab and its assumed all students can access internet for only one hour. But this is not happening some time students will be sitting more that 3 hours in the internet lab. So we should have a authentication for the users who can access the internet and some mechanism for restricting internet usage time for the students. Well all this mechanism shoul reside on the central server (that is why we wanted to make a single server for controlling internet access).
All what I told is on the server side of the project. Now lets take a look at what is needed on a client. First we need a method to authenticate the client. For know the project is only meant for Firefox browser since it is open source and can be modified and recompiled. And some kind of mechanism to keep track of sites accessed by each user. Also user should not be allowed to access banned sites.
Well that finished client and server now whoose gonna take care of them yes a administrator is needed. Well administrator should have a web access to the system. He should be able to manage users, specify the time of access, blocked site,report generation and so on ;)
Well thats all about my project I'll elaborate you folks with all technology I'm going to use in the project and also about their configuration steps. For now these are technolgies I'm planning to use in my project.
Posted by: copyninja on Friday, 2 January 2009

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