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Problem found in Mandriva 2009 while installig on Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook series
My cousin got a new Comapq Presario Laptop as my exams got over I thought of installing my favourite Linux distro Mandriva (2009). Well installation went fine and I happily rebooted to see how it will work on Laptop. Well here the problem started instead of Mandriva normal boot flash screen command screen started and a list of undetected hardware list came infront of me and a loud noise noise started to came from laptop !!!. Well I didn't know what to do, I some how powered off the system. Today I asked my sir to do a clean reinstall and he did it but problem still persists. But he told its nothing but a "loop back from microphone on Laptop to its speaker". 
I tried following
1. Tried to mute all loop back sound using kmix.
2. Opened Mandriva controll center and
  •      Disabled Pulse Audio
  •      Disabled routing from ALSA to Pulse Audio
  •      Disabled user switching for audio application option

Did all this blindly in a hope of stopping the noise. Well it still didn't work !! Well sadly rebooted to Windows ;) well as a last try I googled up this matter and here is what I got from Mandriva forum

I don't think our sound controllers work very well for the time beein'. I had to disable pulse audio as well as 'shifting user' or something like that. Then I had to choose Intel HDA driver. Log out ---> back in of course. 

The strange thing is that I had another (awesome!) mixer with the clean Mandriva 2009 install. Because of the ATI HD3300 and all videoproblems I ended up updating via backport, so I am not quite shore when what happened, but after updating to fglrx-kernel (ATI 8.11) I had some sound issues. 

So my call: - disable pulse and switching user 
- Choose Intel HDA-driver(s). I have two controllers visible. 
I choosed Intel HDA as alternate driver as well. 
- Still not working? Consider kernel update. I am running @ the moment
So what I did was correct but if it had worked Notebook will be muted. And as I found on the forum only  last option I'm left with is to upgrade Kernel to 2.6.27 version. Well I'll try this last option and update you folks with result.
Image source: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?p=596151&sid=9474495ee0f0df300df9391419e3e591
Posted by: copyninja on Friday, 2 January 2009

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