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Windows Vista – Explorer Restarting ????
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Well this is new problem I found in my friends laptop. He is running Vista in his HP Pavilion laptop. When he starts his system windows error reporting facility pops up a message saying “Windows Explorer has stopped working” and gives a option to restart explorer. But even after restarting same message pops up again and this continues indefinitely. Well if only message pops up there will not be in a problem but when message pops up entire desktop stops working only way to access the system is through task manager there also for each click on folder to work I need to close error message box. I tried searching solution for this problem in Google. Look at the first page in Google search I got not even single entry about this problem by Microsoft !!, all entries are from some forums Click here. The problem mentioned in the forum was similar to what I’m currently facing but their solution didn’t work for me. I tried using one tip suggested by techfiz i.e. to start Windows in safe mode and disable all  start up service and then scanning the system. Well it also went in vain.  Now backed up data in the system into my external hard disk and re installed entire system.

I don’t understand why Vista is so vulnerable to software. My another friend when installed Alcohol a virtual drive software his system started restarting indefinitely and final option we used was demolishing Vista and installing XP. MS should have at least tested Vista before sending it to market. Well I hope Windows 7 doesn’t follow the same path as Vista. 


Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 22 February 2009

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