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Problem that most of Final year Engineering student's face
Well I don't know how perfect i'm to write on this topic. I just want to share what does I think of this topic. This is my first non technical topic on the blog. As you all know in our final year engineering (8th semester) we need to do project. Following are the question students will get when they think of project
  • What is project actually means?
  • What project shall we do?
  • In which language we need to do?
and the set of questions will continue without any limit. Even I had this questions in my mind. Thanks to the IBM's TGMC project competition which allowed me find out answers for few of my questions, I submitted my so called 1st project in 7th semester to TGMC competition and also surprisingly got selected to 2nd round :)
TGMC project was completely based on IBM's technologies like WASCE, DB2 Eclipse(now opensource). This project really gave me exposure to all the new technology. Real benifit I gained was when I went for 2nd round project presentation in Bangalore which gave me idea of where we (students from South Canara) are actually standing compared to the students in Bangalore. Also it let me understand what are the mistakes we made in coding and understanding our project, standards which we should have followed during coding the project. "In simple words I'm benifited a lot from the TGMC event I can't say how much".
Next I should thank Hari Prasad Nadig an independent software developer, contributor to Evolution mail client and the person who started the Kannada community website Sampada. He taught me how to understand the problem statement of a project. How to start working on project. Previously during TGMC project I never thought of any of these points blindly jumped into coding. He even introduced me to most of the Linux technologies which allows you to tackle any problem. 
Most of the students don't like to use Linux as platform for their project. According to them Linux is meant only for geeks and master minds. Others don't like to use Linux technologies beause you need to use your brain to do many tasks, on other hand if you use the technology like .NET you don't have to do many things just drag and drop and select options and it will write the code for you. For such students my question is what did you achive or learnt in doing your project other than learning how to use .NET ;). I'm not blaming them for using .NET technology its their wish but I like to do things on my own and give some work to my brain.
Now the main thing which I wanted it to discuss is some students still not sure what technology to use in their project even after 2 months of the semester is over. The main problem is they have some idea in their mind but it is not refined. What they need is a good guidance like one which I got from H.P Nadig or at least exposure to the events like TGMC and of the most is they should have some interest in the work they are doing. Though each team will be having a faculty guides, sometimes the faculty themselves lack such knowledge though they may be good in teaching.
Though we can clear the project phase of the engineering easily the main question which remains in the mind is what we have achived in our 4 year Engineering studies?.. (At least in few minds)
Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 19 April 2009

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