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English-Kannada Translation Dictionary for dictd

I was thinking of starting this project from past one month, I was just waiting for some support. But finally I thought of starting on my own and later I can get some support. Well I'm talking about creating a English-Kannada translation dictionary for the dictd server. I've already written a post on how to install dictd on Ubuntu(also holds good for Debian) and configuring it with gnome dictionary which by default relies on INTERNET based dictionary servers. The same hold for dictionary on KDE environment also. Currently there is no free dictionary package available for English-Kannada and Vice versa. Two Indian language which already developed free dictionary are Hindi and Malayalam and these dictionaries are already available in Debian, Ubuntu repositories (and may be in other distro's also). So its my wish that even Kannada dictionary should also be present in the repository (both Eng-Kn and Kn-Eng) so users don't have to rely on INTERNET connection to translate a particular word from either language.

I had been working on this from one week. I already setup an environment in my Ubuntu 9.10 for creating the dictionary and already created a sample dictionary of-course it contains one word as of know  :P but I should tell it works perfectly fine with dictd. I'm going to write a series of post on this blog which will act as documentation on how to setup the environment and proceed with creation of dictionary so in case if I couldn't finish this someone else who is interested can continue with project. Although I created a sample dictionary I should clearly tell that I'm not that good in Kannada to write a whole dictionary on my own I'm good in technical stuffs of creating the project that means I need help in language related stuffs like getting word list reviewing the translation and so on. So any of you are interested please do contact me :). From my next post i'm going to write on how to setup the things required to create the Free Dictionaries. Although there is good documentation available here and here and here, I had problems and struggled to solve so I'll be rewriting to help you guys out :).

Here is a screen shot of kannada dictionary in action of-course as of now only apple is translated :P

From Karmic Screen Shots

Well thats it hoping to get some good support from you guys. Wait for my next posts on How To's till then C'ya.

Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 14 November 2009

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