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Resizing Large photos in Linux
Last week Sunday went for small hiking with my collegues around Karkala my home town. We took around  350 odd photos with a 12MP camera. Each picture was about 1MB with resolution more than 3000pixels. I was trying to resize all these photos and Aravinda pointed me to image magick tool convert. But I had a problem here all picture names were in this format Picture xxx.jpg , space in the file name was causing problem. After searching for a while came accross rename command to rename the files by removing space in the file name. Here is how you do it
rename "s/ *//g" *.jpg
This renamed all the files to Picturexxx.jpg (here the xxx is a number). Next I used the following script to resize all the files at a time without loosing the quality

for i in `ls *jpg`
convert -resize 700 -quality 100% "$i" "$i"

Well I'm happy now I saved a lot of space on my HDD and also uploaded photos easily to my picasa web albums. This is the reason why I like Linux more. It always comes with many amazing tools and you don't have to pay a penny for it.
Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 26 December 2009

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