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Integrating Version Control with vim
Version Control system is very important for a developer, and it will be easy for the developer if he can use the version control system from the editor which he is using. Most of the IDE's like eclipse with plugin support most popular version control systems like Subversion (svn) CVS. Even though there are plugin support for the other Version controls like git its not completely evolved so developer has limited choice when using such version control. But surprisingly vim has plug-in which integrates with all the version control flawlessly. Let me tel you how to install this plug-in with the vim.
1. Download the plug-in package from here
2. Zip contains doc, plugin, syntax folders
3. Extract these folders into ~/.vim folder
4. Add the documentation to the vim. To do this follow these steps
  1. Launch vimĀ 
  2. In the command mode i.e pressing <Esc> type in this command :helptags ~/.vim/doc . This command generates the documentation for the files placed inside the ~/.vim/doc folder. After this you can access all the help regarding the VCSCommands by typing :help VCSCommand.
  3. Some basic ones are :VCSCommit for commiting :VCSAdd to add a file to version control. :VCSLog to see change log.
  4. One good thing is you don't have to remember version control specific command and don't even have to bother on which version control you are using, plugin itself finds which version control to use. Single plugin for all Version controls nice rite. :)
  5. One thing to keep in mind you should be in working directory (i.e directory to which you checkout)other wise you will see VCSCommand: No suitable plugin found message
Well thats all folks its so simple to use version control with vim. I'm currently using vim with git and it works flawlessly. Well enjoy version control with vim. C ya :).
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Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 7 March 2010

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