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Sidux Saga
After a very long time I finally removed the Windows partition and completely installed Sidux. Sidux a Linux distribution completely based on the Debian Testing/Sid. Unlike Ubuntu Sidux maintains Debian flavor with it. It completely follows Debian Software policy and follows the latest software to the user. Since Sidux also uses Debian Sid there is a myth that its unstable, but frankly its not unstable its been a week for now i'm using Sidux without breaking a sweat.
Sidux Desktop : Sidux basically comes with 2 desktop environment KDE and Fluxbox. I chose KDE full live CD which is about 2GB live ISO which supports x86 and AMD64 versions. Sidux currently runs KDE 4.3.4 with all the latest KDE apps and Open Office 3.2 and KMail 1.12. By seeing the Kubuntu I was always thinking KDE is such a buggy desktop, but after using the Sidux I'm changing my thinking about KDE, it isn't that buggy but in Kubuntu for some reason it looks more buggy.
Sidux Installer and Boot up : Sidux has a nice installer which in some way is like Wubi installer but there is no resemblence. Installation was a easy process, boot live CD click on Sidux Installer provide proper partition for installation and just click next. Time of installation was hardly 5-6 minute which beats even Ubuntu installation time :) . Boot up was pretty fast and unlike Ubuntu boot process is similar to Debian.
Sidux package management : Sidux package management is same apt-get dpkg. The one reason why I won't recommend Sidux to beginers is "you meed to be well versed with apt-get command line system". Even though there is package manager available it ain't that good. Also there isn't any automatic update notifier you need to check all these things manually. But there is a reason for this since Sidux uses Sid repositories, there will be lot of changes to the repository each day and Sidux manual clearly mentions not to dist-upgrade in X mode, alternative for this is to download the packages manually using apt-get's -d option and then log off the KDE , log on to virtual console and switch to runlevel 3 do the upgrading once every thing finishes clean the cache and switch back to runlevel 5. This is not so difficult to geeks who are well versed in command line. One more issue is update amount, due to usage of Sid repository each day there will be  a lot of updates (arround 100MB), this sole reason put me in a dilemma of whether to continue with Sidux or switch to Debian testing. Any suggestions on these are welcome ;).
Sidux Security updates : Since there isn't any security updates available for Sid itself there isn't any security update concept for Sidux. So Sidux is best suited for the desktop machines.
As final words I will say Sidux is a rock solid distro which provides you pure Debian flavor with all latest packages. So if you love some challenge and fun then I would say go for it (Sidux). If I make up my mind to continue with Sidux this Saga will continue :).


Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 10 April 2010

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