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Fix: iBus not working with OpenOffice in Xfce4
Today I faced a really weird problem of unable to type Kannada in OpenOffice Writer using iBus. I'm using Xfce4 with GDM in Debian and installed it recently. I was able write in Kannada in OpenOffice  with KDE4 and KDM. 
After a small research igured out the issue was  mainly because openoffice.org-gnome pacakge was not installed in my system where as in KDE environment with KDM had openoffice.org-kde installed. 
Fix: If you are also facing this issue just check you have openoffice.org-gnome (for gdm) and openoffice.org-kde (for kdm) installed. After installing this packages you can start typing Kannada (or any other language) using iBus in OpenOffice.
Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 26 September 2010

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