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A Jabber Dictionary Bot for Kannada
If you want to know the Kannada meaning of a word or English meaning of a Kannada word using your IM then here is one Jabber dictionary bot for your assistance. You just need to send the word whose meaning you want to know to this bot and you will get the meaning of the word back or in case there is no meaning defined the bot will ask an apology :). Interesting eh?. The why are you waiting go on and add following email ID to your Jabber/Gmail buddy list.
When bot comes online just tell him Hi or Hello and you will get a nice welcome message which is shown below
Now send a word either in English or Kannada and see what happens :).

This bot was originally developed by Santhosh Thottingal and SMC developers for Hindi and Malayalam, you can find more information about these bots here this bot supports Dictd protocol and Wiktionary. Currently this bot only uses Kannada Wiktionary as back end since  Kannada Dictd dictionaries are not developed. Once we develop a Dictd dictionary I'll enable the Dictd support.  I'm thankful to Santhosh Thottinal and SMC for allowing me to host the bot on their VPS.

Please use this bot service and report any bugs or suggestions. My email Id can be found on my blogger profile.
Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 21 November 2010

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