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New feature for Jabber Kannada Dictionary Bot
After seeing a great response and feedback for Kannada Jabber dictionary bot project I thought of adding few new features and fixing some issues reported by the users. Here is the changelog

1. Bot was not replying for Tiger where as there was meaning for word tiger an issue reported by one of the user. I've fixed this issue and now bot is case insensitive.
2. Bot was not providing all the meanings for some words for example for word tiger it was replying as ಪುಲಿ where as Kannada Wiktionary contained these meaning ಪುಲಿ, ಹುಲಿ, ವ್ಯಾಘ್ರ. This issue is fixed now bot gives all the meanings present in Kannada Wiktionary.

Thanks to Suma and Vivek Shankar for reporting these issues.

Now for the new feature, many users had asked a way for adding meanings to word for undefined words. My friend Aravinda suggested me a way to do this, by letting user send the meaning to bot when bot replies no meaning found. So when bot doesn't find a meaning it replies to as show in below screenshot.

So if you want to add the meaning to a word all you need to do is send the bot following line
#add word meaning(s)
If you have multiple meanings for a word please separate them with ",". We will collect all the meanings added by you and periodically send these to Wiktionary admins so they can verify these words and add them to Wiktionary. Please make use of this new feature and report back any bugs or any new suggestions :).. Also use the bot and help us to enrich the Kannada Wiktionary :).
Posted by: copyninja on Wednesday, 1 December 2010

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