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git-buildpackage: Renaming a package in Git repo
Just to give a background I've been working on renaming ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian-IN team. And after packaging the Lohit and Samyak fonts I sent a mail to debian-in-workers mailing list giving the current status. And after a short discussion Christian bubulle Perrier suggested me to use ISO 15924 language codes rather than ISO script code (2 letters).

We are now using the Git VCS for maintaining the packages and as known the git-buildpackage uses a branch called pristine-tar  and upstream branch to regenerate the orig tar ball. So if you only change the package name in control and changelog and git-buildpackage fails badly saying it can't create orig tar ball. So do the following

git checkout pristine-tar
git mv package_version.orig.tar.gz.delta newpackage_version.orig.tar.gz.delta
git mv package_version.orig.tar.gz.id newpackage_version.orig.tar.gz.id
Here package is old package name and newpackage is new name for the package. Next commit the changes. Now the important point if you simply write renamed the package as new commit message the when you run git-buildpackage you will get following warning
git-buildpackage: warning renamed pristine-tar data unable to detect compression type assuming gzip
After struggling a lot finally figured that pristine-tar command uses commit message to assume the compression type. Yes thats how pristine-tar is working so you should write commit message similar to the default one created by git-import-dsc when first importing package to repository. To be more precise commit message should be some thing like below.
pristine-tar data for newpackage_version.orig.tar.gz
Replace is newpackage_version.orig.tar.gz with actual orig tar ball name and in case your package is bzip then replace gz with bz2. And you have successfully renamed the package in git repository.
Posted by: copyninja on Monday, 14 November 2011

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