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Lato Fonts for Debian

For giving new look to my blog I was trying out a lot of fonts from the FontSquirrel website but none of them satisfied my taste. While searching for the fonts identi.ca website fonts attracted my notice and the font used was Lato. I found it and used in this website.

I was wondering why such a nice font is not present on Debian. Since it was on FontSquirrel that means the license should be friendly. So searched for the font in DuckDuckGo and found their website. So after all Lato fonts where under Open Font License which is DFSG compilant. That was sufficient for me to package it for Debian.

Here is the ITP for fonts-lato and its already uploaded to Debian and waiting in the NewQueue Thanks to bubulle for uploading it quickly.

Hope Debian users will love this new font. And yeah I packaged it using dh-make-font which I wrote majorly with help of my friends. And one more news is its waiting to be added into dh-make package here.

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 4 March 2012

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