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Moving out of Blogger

Its been a while I wanted to move out of Blogger. The reason for this act was one I don't like rich text editor and second I can't login to some website and then undergo pain of writing blog there. I want to write everything in plain text and in emacs. I don't want even blogging clients.

Now coming to the point I was thinking what to use as my new client I tried a few like blosxom Pivotx and even wanted to give try to ikiwiki but I couldn't get any of these work properly. I came across Jekyll from my friend Aravinda. So thought I should give it a try. And here I'm typing this post in emacs and hosting my website on github using github pages and jekyll.

I'm no website designer so I borrowed themes and templates for initial site from mojombo, creator of Jekyll tool and co-founder of Github. Some of the pages like Archives, and index page of blog was taken from the Juliyen Yap and menu was taken from Aravinda's website. After getting everything into place I modified stuff to my taste and included some fonts from FontSquirrel.

So now my blog is almost ready with following TODO remaining

Create Projects and Talks page
Create tools to allow renaming of drafts in suitable format
Migrate disquss comments from blogger to here
Well write more blogs which are pending because of my lazyness :P

Well hope you will continue reading my blog here. Till next time Cya.

Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 3 March 2012

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