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ttf-indic-fonts to fonts-indic transition complete!

We in Debian-IN team where maintaining ttf-indic-fonts a set of fonts for all Indian language fonts from various origin. This package used to build around 7 to 10 binary package of different Indian language. The source package ttf-indic-fonts was itself a mess. It was a native package it was mixing all fonts with active upstream and inactive upstream together which was hard to maintain. Last April I transitioned this package from old packaging style (which version I don't remember) to dh7 standard. At the same time bubulle asked me it would be great if I can rename the package to Fonts team new packaging policy Even though I was just beginning with Debian packaging I dared to propose a draft :) Well it was in May and now its March 2012 almost one year over and We have successfully finished the transition and Kartik uploaded all packages to Debian. Now Debian-IN team maintains 62 packages and me? Yeah my package count jumped from 12 to 38! Almost close to close to number of packages Kartik is maintaining :)

Please do the testing report any bugs! Cya

Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 10 March 2012

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