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Update: Falcon Debian package Status

Recently I wrote about packaging Falcon programming language for Debian. So here is the status of package. Package builds multiple binaries and we have successfully separated modules from core Falcon language component

  1. falconpl (Falcon language itself )
  2. falconpl-dbg (Debug symbols)
  3. libfalconpl-engine1 (Falcon engine library)
  4. libfalconpl-engine1-dbg (Debug symbols for Falcon enging)

Core modules like feathers and modules writtein Falcon itself are part of libfalconpl-engine1. Rest of modules are separated into following packages

  1. falconpl-mongodb: Mongodb connector module
  2. falconpl-dbi : Database Abstraction layer
  3. falconpl-dbi-sqlite3: SQLite3 connector based on DBI module
  4. falconpl-dbi-postgresql: PostgreSQL connector based on DBI module
  5. falconpl-dbi-mysql: MySQL connector based on DBI module
  6. falconpl-dbi-firebird: Firebird DB server connector
  7. falconpl-curl: Curl bindings for Falcon
  8. falconpl-dbus: DBus bindings for Falcon
  9. falconpl-dmtx: Data Matrix reader/writer for Falcon
  10. falconpl-hpdf: Haru based PDF module for Falcon
  11. falconpl-gd2: Graphic manipulation module for Falcon

There are 4 modules which I'm not sure how to build (dependency) or if at all possible to build for Linux they are dynlib, wopi, sdl, conio. I need to consult upstream on these modules status and ability to build.

Modules not built

We didn't build dbi-oracle and dbi-odbc modules as these are proprietary software dependant. Additionally in a conversation with upstream on IRC it was told dynlib module can't be built for 64bit and X86 version of Linux because lack of assembler, but I've not fully confirmed this.

Legal Issues

To enable the curl bindings I added curl dependency which in turn has dependency on libssl1.0 library which is part of openssl source package which is causing lintian thrown GPL violation error. Kartik will be looking into this.

Patches submitted

I've submitted total of 6 patches of which 5 patches are already applied to upstream git repo and 6th one is waiting to be applied. In other words upstream is really helpful to us.

Well thats all for this week more updates next week (or may be even before that ;-) )

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 15 April 2012

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