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Update: Issue in Kannada Dictionary Bot

Just a short update for those who are wondering what is Kannada Dictionary bot, it is a small Jabber chat bot written in Python which pulls out meaning for given English or Kannada word from Kannada Wiktionary. More about the usage of this bot can be found in my previous post

Recently I've been getting many queries from users that they are not able to access the bot from their GTalk account. Of course no one contacted me directly they were pinging my friend Omshivaprakash and in turn he was pinging and telling that some one contacted him and told bot is not online. But I have monit service monitoring bot 24x7 additionally I could see it online all the time, even when shiv is telling me its offline!.

Finally figured out the reason when I went to Jabber So here is the reason

As you’ve probably noticed, the jabber.org service has been experiencing connectivity problems with gmail.com and other Google Talk domains (e.g., you might not be able to see if your contacts there are online). The folks at Google are working on a solution and we will post again once they have fixed the problem.

Now folks please have patience till a solution comes up and once its in place you should be able to use the bot without any issue.

Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 21 April 2012

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