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Note to Self: Deleting Remote Branches and Tags in Git

Its been a while I'm using Git as a version control system for my various work whether it is FOSS related or my professional work. Every time I stumble into a case where I need to delete an accidentally pushed branch or tag on remote and every time I forget how I did it last time. Today I did it again and I had to search it again to find a method. So here it goes this is a note to myself so I won't forget it next time

Deleting a remote branch git push origin :branchname

Deleting a remote tag git push origin :refs/tags/tagname

Where origin can be replaced by proper remote if you are using multiple remote for mirroring purpose.

If you want to delete locally use following code git branch -d branchname git tag -d tagname

Note: To delete tag remotes you need to delete it locally first and then push it.

That's it hope it helps others too :-)

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 15 July 2012

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