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Weekly Log - 01102012

Well this weeks log comes bit late as my week got extended till today ;-). I had working day at office on Saturday and Sunday due to 2nd Quarter end and instead today is declared as compensatory holiday and tomorrow any how is Gandhi Jayanti. So here it goes.

Debian Related

Most of my work this week was done for Debian-IN team

  • Integrated the KGB bot for Debian-IN team repository. Thanks to gregoa Tincho and dam for extending helping hand in getting it configured
  • Updated the setup-repository to install a proper post-receive hook when creating new repositories.
  • Copied the set-git-hook from pkg-ruby-extras team and modified it slightly to install post-receive hook for KGB integration for already existing repository. With this script I fixed few of the packages to use KGB which I own. Waiting for Kartik to fix remaining repositories as he is the DD for our team :-)
  • Configured my personal instance of KGB which now stands in Debian-IN's channel (#debian-in). But bot is named RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) equivalaent of KGB and CIA in India :-P

Well most of this weeks work involved KGB ;-)

Personal Works

  • Attended the PyconIndia-2012 on Saturday, Got a NFC card :-) which I can't use as my phone is not NFC capable. Only handful of talks were nice rest were all newbie like talk which even lacked proper presentation skills hence didn't attend on second day. Looks like quality of conference in India is decreasing.
  • Finally completed answering all questions on Philosophy and Procedures - 1 part of NM process :-). Phew it took me more time than I expected. Waiting for my AM's comment. Hopefully I will get next bunch of questions soon :-)


Played Cricket after very long time (Guess after 10 long years). Well it was not official match or anything it was just another Gully Cricket. After the match it came to mind that I need regular physical workout :-P.

Well that's it Cya till next week :-)

Posted by: copyninja on Monday, 1 October 2012

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