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New Series of Posts on CDBS packaging

Well this is just an introductory post to set of posts I'm going to write down here on my blog. Idea is to improve the documentation of CDBS but I still don't have any idea on how I can patch the existing documentation, but in the mean time I'm learning new tricks from Jonas which I want to document some where so I thought my blog would be a good place as whole blog is in markdown format and its the same format me and Jonas agreed to convert the existing CDBS documentation.

So this blog will act as a documentation and these post will be then altered modified and put back into a proper CDBS documentation later.

I know many people don't like CDBS and most of it because there is no proper documentation, so I'm trying to improve the situation so sit back and enjoy the upcoming posts :-).

OK I was sloppy in giving theory on what others think about the CDBS thanks to Phill Hands and Jonas for enlightening me. So with these series I'm just trying to explain CDBS features with real examples and examples how you can tame nasty packaging beasts with CDBS easily.

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 10 February 2013

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