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Multi-Arch lintian check for font packages

I've provided a new patch #701061 for lintian to warn about font packages that are not marked as Multi-Arch foreign or allowed. Its already included in the lintian by Neils Thykier and will be part of version 2.5.12. The following tag has been implemented


A Bit of History for this implementation is as follows:

We got a bug report on one of the fonts in pkg-fonts team that its not been installed in i386 architecture on a amd64 multi-arch system #694864. We were first confused but Daniel Kahn Gillmor pointed that we indeed need to mark all font packages as Multi-Arch foreign. He proposed that we should write a lintian check for this which I volunteered to do and then forgot!. Recently I was checking my QA page and landed into Ubuntu's page of my package where I saw they were patching imported font package and marking them as Multi-Arch: foreign and I suddenly remembered my promise! and this patch was the result of same enlightenment :-).

Since there is huge number of font packages maintained by pkg-fonts devel we targeted this for Jessie release.

Here by I request all font package maintainers to consider marking their packages as Multi-Arch foreign. I also request people to join us on pkg-fonts-devel and help us doing this for all font packages maintained by the team, we really lack people in the team.

Posted by: copyninja on Friday, 8 March 2013

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