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Tribute to Beloved Teacher

Today I'm writing this blog with saddened heart. My mentor and a best friend Dr.Ashokkumar is no more. He died yesterday after fighing with Lymph Node cancer.

Ashokkumar or Ashok sir that is how we all students used to address him, was a Professor in Information Science Engineering in NMAM Institue of Technology and recently transferred to Computer Science Engineering Departement. My last meeting him with him was last year December during which he was looking every bit okay other than he had knee pain because of which he couldn't walk freely. But I never imagined that it will be my last meeting with him.

Ashok sir was also behind the FLOSS event that took place in NMAM Institute of Technology including MiniDebconf 2011 which saw 2 of the foreign DD's Christian Perrier and Jonas Smedegaard.

It was because of his first organized FLOSS event which I volunteered called Linux Habba I entered into the FLOSS world. This means its because of him that I started my FLOSS world journey and reached to my current level. Also it was because of his motivation I started writing this blog which I continue till this day.

I whole heartedly thank Ashok sir for teaching me guiding me and motivating me during my difficult times. You will always be remembered through out my life. May your soul Rest In Peace.

Here are the 2 pics of Ashok sir taken during Minidebconf (Credits: Christian Perrier and Kartik Mistry)

Ashokkumar with Jonas and Me

Ashokkumar during inaugaration of MiniDebconf with Christian and Kartik on stage

Good bye Sir :-(

Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 27 April 2013

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