Random thoughts shooting out of volatile mind

Who Am I?

me I'm Vasudev. I'm a Software Engineer working in R&D Team of a MNC in Bangalore. I was born and brought up in the city of Karkala. I got my B.E degree in Information Science and Engineering from NMAM Institute of Technology Nitte.

Personally bit of arrogant and friendly guy :)

Professional Experience

I've 2 years of experience in iPhone Application development and 2+ years of personal and professional experience in Debian GNU/Linux. I currently work on Linux and C platform professionally.


I should say I'm a FLOSS enthusiast and I proudly call my self hacker (please don't misunderstand it to word cracker). I spend most of my free time with computer hanging around in IRC and Jabber. I'm an official Debian Maintainer I work mainly for team Debian-IN. My Debian packages? Look in the side bar.

Besides working for Debian in my free time I even write code my favourite language till date being Python I also know Java, C, C++, Shell Scripting, Objective-C, PHP. Currently I've LISP and Ruby on my plate. For the list of projects have a look at Projects page.


Besides sitting my most time with computer. I also play Tabla. I've completed Vidwat Degree in Hindustani Tabla. I've been teaching tabla for 5 years. I like listening to Classical Music and reading books in my free time.

Well I think I wrote a lot about myself so that's me.

Want to Connect with me?

If you are following me some where like Facebook then don't even try to search me there you won't me find there :-) Yes I don't have a Facebook account. Want to know why? This is not right place to discuss you can contact me privately You can find me on Friendica you can connect to me through identi.ca Below are my details

 Friendica: copyninja @ { frndk.de | vasudev.homelinux.net }
 Identi.ca: copyninja @ identi.ca  (Not used much)
 GPG Finger Print: C517 C25D E408 759D 98A4  C96B 6C8F 74AE 8770 0B7E
 Twitter: copyninja (Not used much)
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