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Adding Translation Memory to Poedit
Poedit is a cross-platform gettext catalogs(.po file) editor. In this post i'm going to explain how to add translation memory to the poedit. Translation memory helps to increase the speed of translation process. Here translation memory refers to previously translated .po file may be from other translators. Ok lets see how to do this.
1. First open the poedit and open Edit > Preferences and click on Translation Memory tab.
2. In the new window which appears set the path where you want poedit to store the translation memory DB. (default value is recommended).
3. Click Add button situated below the My Languages text area and select the language for which you want to add the translation memory. Multiple language translation memory can also be installed. Image below will give you clear picture on what i'm talking about.
Poedit Preferences

4.After you are done with above mentioned 3 steps now you can click on the Generate Database button. This will bring up below shown window.
Translation memory
5. As you can see the window ask for specifying the folder where locale files are situated. You can just ignore this window and click on next.
6. Here in this window click on Add Files, and browse to the place where .po files for translation memory exists. You can select them all or one by one and click open. Once you click open the file name with its path appear in the window. Now you can click on finish and poedit starts scanning the .po files and create the translation memory for you.
P.S: This may take some time depending on number of .po files you have selected. Image below gives you picture of what I told in above step (Step 6)
Adding files to tm
Once everything is done open a .po file for translation and right click on any string, for the first time poedit will popup a box asking for the language for which it should look for translation memory DB. Select the language and and again right click on the string and you will get possible translations for the selected string. I repeat possible translations not correct translations all the time. Select the translated string if you think its the correct translation for the current string. Image below gives you a clear picture on what i'm talking about.
Select language
Translation memory in action

Few points to remember

1. What ever translated strings shown by poedit using translation memory are suggestions and may not be the proper translation so don't completely rely on it. Its there only to speed up translation process by giving you some idea on current string.

2. In case your poedit starts crashing when you try to use translation memory you may need to delete existing translation memory and recreate them all again from scratch.

Well thats all I wanted to say enjoy the translation process using poedit. C ya folks next time :)

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 10 January 2010

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