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My Journey with Debian and FLOSS - Part 2
In my previous post I told till I packaged fonts-pagul for which RFP was filed by Santhosh. Well after that Santhosh filed one more RFP to get Eeyek font which even though I claimed for Debian-IN but I couldn't complete till date :). Well reason is that I got new job and had to shift from my home town to Bangalore. In the mean time I did manage to get aspell-kn into Debian. Funny part is I'm the upstream author of this package and I myself maintain it in Debian too. aspell dictionary for Kannada was my first upstream project after SILPA and Pypdflib.

Well know while explaining my life with Debian I forgot about other projects which I had done :). Yes some where in between all these packages I ported the Malayalam dictionary bot written by Santhosh and other SMC members for Kannada. I added some more improvements to cache the meaning retrieved from Kannada wiktionary also I used to cache the words for which I couldn't find the meaning in wiktionary with a hope to contribute it to Kannada wiktionary people so that they can add these undefined words and make Kannada wiktionary rich. But that never happened I couldn't give enough time for Kannada wiktionary bot which still lies at kn.dict.bot [at] jabber [dot] org serving meanings to people. Did I forgot to tell you that this bot has become a UNIX daemon and is monitored by monit service found in Linux. So its not only a UNIX daemon but a real zombie try killing it by giving non-sense words or whatever bot will die and will be back in a while like a Phoenix coming back from its Ash :). Psst. one secret thing I came to know is how naughty people are :D what nonsense words they send to this bot poor bot he nicely logged their email address and words :) Don't worry my intention was to give credits for undefined words but my plan was totally ruined by these people :).

The response I got from people for creating this bot was tremendous. I was flattered and got some more energy and inspiration to do more for people for FLOSS community. So let me continue my story now. After moving to Bangalore for a month or 2 I was totally disconnected from FLOSS and mostly from Internet. The whole misunderstanding was from my side that I thought laptop which I'll get from my new office will be installed with Debian as I am supposed to be working on the Debian itself but yes I was wrong instead I got Windows 7 Enterprise. Sigh the OS which I hate most :(. I was not supposed to install anything other than official stuff but I did install Firefox because IE really sucks and hence with help of Chatzilla I used to get online in IRC and meet my buddies :). Did you think I got an internet connection ? No all ISP's denied me from Internet connection because I'm staying as a Paying Guest! Now I know why we say *Mera Bharat Mahan*.

After my first salary I managed to buy a cheap Acer Travelmate model which is Linux friendly. It came with Linpus Linux which I removed and installed Debian Wheezy and I also managed to get my HTC Wildfire USB Teathering to work with it and installed stuffs required to build Debian package. Do you think I'm 3G? Err nooo I use only 2G a broken connection from Vodafone I know how much pain I daily undergo in using it :(. I said cheap but note that its Cheap in cost but for me its one the best hardware and works like a charm with Debian (no non-free blobs required!).

So from Bangalore I continued my FLOSS/Debian work and started working on restructuring ttf-indic-fonts package which I self assigned to myself. Bubulle had told me that I had opened up a can of worm and now after starting to work on the package I really understand what he meant :). Its still not midway in the transition we in team Debian-IN lack man power for the work and some time I feel I'm getting buried by the burden I'm carrying. But I still manage to crawl under all weight to reach my destination :).

During this time I had also taken additional responsibility of conducting the Mini DebConf in Mangalore area and I now being located in Bangalore had all sort of trouble communicating with my friends over in NMAMIT Nitte and in the period of time Mini DebConf Mangalore Edition had become a International event which I never imagined it would become. In one way or other I got benefited by hosting the event I got 3 DD's to sign my PGP key which my path to become a DM easy. I don't want to explain the whole event of Mini Debconf because it would take its own space :).

After the event I applied for DM position my application can be found here. Mine was the first application in the month of November and Kartik and Christian (bubulle) happily advocated me and I filed a bug report against debian-maintainer pseudo package by submitting a jetring changeset of my PGP key here. It took a while for my key to be included in debian-keyring and I officially became a Debian Maintainer on December 1 exactly one month after my application. Finally I achived one of my long term dream to become a Debian Maintainer :). Next I want to become a Debian Developer according to rules I need to wait 6 more months before I can apply to NM front desk :). Before that I want to upload my package to Debian by myself :) need to see how long it will take.

In between my DM process I adopted dwm which was orphaned by its previous maintainer Kai Hendry. Its a very simple window manager which is younger brother of wmii. The whole reason to adopt was my long time dream to use window manager and love towards the suckless project. 

Well after becoming DM a week spent without any productivity and on 9th I started back to my home town on a week long vacation. Now writing this post from my home and working on the "can of worm which I opened"  :) Well this is a longish post but I wanted to finish this post here. Don't worry I'll write more of the parts as and when I have more story :).. Till then so long folks.
Posted by: copyninja on Wednesday, 14 December 2011

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