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Weekly Log - 20/27-102012

This week decided to write the log from the beginning of the week itself as I don't want to miss any tasks done. So here comes the list. Also I merged 2 weeks log together not because I didn't do much but recently I was being bit lazy :-P

Debian Related

  • Some more fixes done to suckless-tools 38 version as per comments from Jakub Wilk
  • After some poking from Intrigeri (my AM) I finally placed the new 38-2 related stuffs in Wheezy branch of suckless-tools.git which I originally prepared for 39 version
  • After few minor fixes Jakub Wilk has uploaded 38-2 and thus I kill one more RC bug for wheeze #685611. Well my AM has given me clue that more RC bugs might be coming my way as part of NM process and I'm waiting :-)
  • More clarifications on my answers on Philosophy and Procedures - 1 were sent back and I need to give some more again ;-). Will do that probably on Sunday
  • Fixed issues in installing fontconfig files in font packages fonts-beng-extra and fonts-smc no bugs were filed though. fonts-smc can't be uploaded to unstable for sure as it contains a udeb (fonts-mlym-udeb). Kartik told he will discuss with release-team about fonts-beng-extra but I guess he forgot ;-).
  • Helped new guys to learn Debian packaging on #debian-diaspora, initiative started by Praveen Arimbrathodiyil who actually taught me the packaging. Idea is to package Diaspora. Even though I'm not much interested in Diaspora I'm helping there as Praveen is my good friend and mentor and in a way I want to increase contributors to Debian.
  • Started working on suckless-tools 39 fixed few minor issues now seeing a hardening issue which I need to fix before each can be safely uploaded to experimental.

Python Based

  • Fixed the Unicode comparison issue in the charmap.py from the soundex Python module. Basically when both side of == operator are not of Unicode type the Python considers them to be unequal even if they are equal. Well this is the encoding pain in Python versions less than 3. Now this is handled in 0.3 version of soundex.
  • Spellchecker module is now having Marathi language support but it doesn't seems to be working fine so 0.3 version is not yet completely done.
  • Guess Language module from SILPA is now separate module and is uploaded to pypi, though its integration with SILPA rewritten in Flask is pending.
  • Replaced the pyxmpp2 module used in the dictionary bot to sleekxmpp as it already supports XEP's which I plan to use in the bot
  • Fine tuned the parsing and returning logic of dictionary-bot and integrated language guessing support.
  • Inspired by Jonas's coding on smsg I also modified the code so that if needed it can be easily packaged and also can be tested without need to actually installing it.
  • Added logging functionality to the dictionary bot but yet to log actual data from the bot so that can be analysed later

Few more details on dictionary-bot needs to be sorted out to make it production ready and I'm not getting enough time to do so. May be I should write down TODO's some where so I won't loose track of it.

Perl Based

Not much tasks were done on Perl but I managed to help Jonas to sort out an important issue which was a show stopper for using smsg in the performance he is attending in Zurich. Below are tasks done

  • Moved the Jabber.pm code which was using AnyEvent::XMPP::Client to Client.pm which inherits from Jabber.pm, basically idea is create one ore class Connection which uses AnyEvent::XMPP::Connection which can be used to connect send message and disconnect. Did you see inherit don't be surprised thanks to Jonas I had to learn bit about Moo :-)
  • Slightly modified HttpSend.pm command to send the message to Jabber chat room, this was the show stopper for smsg. And after this fix Jonas happily used it in his theatre performance in Zurich.

Wildfire Liberation

I struggled almost 3 days to get my HTC Wildfire liberated from HTC stock OS. I got to know about HTC Developers Site with which HTC officially allows the unlocking the bootloader. After unlocking I was not sure on how to get ClockworkMod Recovery in my device and get root the tools mentioned in different places, revolutionary and unrevoked were not happy with my new HBOOT version 1.02.0000 after struggling a bit I managed to manually download the ClockworkMod for Wildfire from this site but then again I was afraid of bricking my phone. But thanks to Jishnu's timely advice I managed to flash my device and install CM7. Now I enjoy my 2 year old Wildfire!

For those who want to flash their Wildfire with HBOOT version 1.02.0000 please follow the Method via HTC website section here.


  • Met Kartik on 20th wanted to have a mini BSP but we got lost in talking as we met after one year
  • Watched few bunch of movie. This week was bit short as in between the week 3 holidays came due to festivals.

Well that is it for the 2 weeks hopefully I will see ya on next week :-) or next to next if I merge my weekly logs again ;-). Till then Cya.

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 14 October 2012

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