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Weekly Log - 06/13-102012

Update for 06/10/2012

Well I had not written the weekly work log for the last week that is because the week was short (oh yeah thanks to all these bandhs our week got fluctuated and to be frank the week was only 4 days long) and second was my lazyness. Here goes the update * After a long discussion with Aravinda on "why productivity is reducing these days." We concluded the social network is eating up most of time. So decision was made and I closed all pinned tabs for Twitter Gmail Identi.ca and Friendica on my browser * After the above resolution I finished almost 4 chapters of Moder Perl within 2 hours!. Indeed Social networks kill the productivity.

Update for 13/10/2012

I've really fallen in love with computerised bots, thanks to the wonderful KGB bot :-). So majority of my work on this week is on bots.

Jabber Dictionary Redesign

After thinking for a while I decided to re-write the dictionary bot which when release got an overwhelming response as see in the comments of above link. Few reason for re-write

  1. Generalise the bot framework so single bot can handle multiple languages
  2. Improve the data collection on bot side
  3. Current code base was not very well organised and trying to add more feature it had become messy.
  4. Provide XEP support to help in data collections

Few changes which are already implemented include

  1. . New code is now using pyxmpp2 library instead of GPLed xmppy used by current code.
  2. . Implemented XEP-0071 extension to properly format the meaning display by the bot
  3. . Current implementation was displaying all words in one set without distinguishing between adjectives,verbs proverbs etc. even though wiktionary displays meaning based on this. New implementation gives out meaning in same format as it is displayed on wiktionary.

Things remaining todo

  1. . Separating wiktionary parsing logic from bot code by providing some sort of intermediate interface between bot and wiktionary parsers.
  2. . Adding more language wiktionary parsers and teaching the bot to become multilingual :-)
  3. . Integrating XEP-0004 (Data Forms) for taking the meaning input from user. Current code requires user to enter data in particular format

suckless-tools fix for Wheezy

Jakub Wilk suggested me to prepare a minimal version of suckless-tools for Wheezy which includes a patch to the bug #685611. And few minor changes which involve taking over the package and fixes in copyright file other than above mentioned bug. Hopefully release-team will be okay with these changes. I'm waiting for the upload to file an unblock-request.

I did face a problem I was halfway through wit suckless-tools_39-1 when Jakub asked me about this change and current repository was fresh one prepared for 39-1 and didn't have history for 38 version. First I thought of preparing separate repository for 38 version which was not an correct option, but I even couldn't play with current repository. So finally I renamed current version of repository to suckless-tools-39.git on collab-maint and prepared fresh repository suckless-tools.git basing it on 38-1 version.

From 39 version suckless-tools will be following 3.0 (quilt) source format and will not be working with git-buildpackage as the tool can't handle multi-tarball packages. Yes every tool involved in the package will have separate tarball from 39.

More work on Bots

Well today I again worked on Jabber bot, but not the dictionary bot. This time its an SMS Gateway bot for Jonas Smedegard and the coding was done in Perl. Thanks to jonas I finally could apply what I learnt in Perl. Code may not be very elegant but it works :-).

And after hacking one full day in Perl now I'm not feeling very much interested to go back and hack on my own Python based dictionary bot :-). But I will anyway.


  • fonts-kalapi has been uploaded to unstable by Kartik finally :-). Only sad part is he couldn't use the home grown dh-make-font for this purpose.
  • Finally Kartik is here in Bangalore and I'm just waiting when I can meet him.
  • I ordered a RaspberryPi once it comes some hacking will be done on boxer again :-)
  • Watched couple of Star Wars movie :-) (Still have 4 left)
  • Expendables 2 movie is in watch list after this post.

So that's it folks. Quite longish post hope you are not bored reading it :-). Well time for movie C'ya all with next weeks log.

Posted by: copyninja on Saturday, 13 October 2012

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