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Weekly Log - 17/23 - 112012

The last week was quite productive as I was on vacation and at home town but sadly I couldn't complete this post so again merging the work with this week but this week ain't much productive as I was tired from journey back and didn't get enough time to recover. So here it goes.

Debian Related

  • I did a little more fine tuning of friendica package to enable http://localhost/friendica on installation and shipped virtual host configuration for Apache and Nginx which user can simply copy to setup a proper friendica instance. I'm not sure if this is right to do or not but Drupal package does this but only it doesn't enable it during installation and leaves it up to user to create required symlink to enable http://localhost/drupal7. Well this is my first time in packaging webapp so I'm all open for suggestions
  • Helped Tobias Diekershoff prepare and upload the friendica package to mentors and file RFS bug. We got bug number #693504 and now we are looking for sponsors, if you are a DD reading this post and interested in federated social networking and can sponsor us it would be great :-)
  • Started learning CDBS and converted the Kiwix package to CDBS. I'm glad that Jonas is helping me out when I'm struck some where. Also kiwix is now updated to latest version 0.9~rc2 and I need to do some more fine tuning before asking for upload from Jonas.
  • I started helping Jonas to put up CDBS documentation. He suggested me to take over the documentation from duckcorp and then merge other documentation in CDBS git tree. As of now I only managed to separate out the chapters from docbook to markdown format. The conversion was done using pandoc but code formatting in docbook was not proper I guess so after conversion it needed some manual intervention in fixing and formatting code blocks. The repository for CDBS doc is here and as of now doesn't contain any new things.
  • Converted one more of my font package fonts-gubbi to CDBS format but I'm now facing a issue that CDBS is including docs inside the generated udeb which is not right, I already posted the question on how to handle this to build-common-hackers and waiting for Jonas to reply back.
  • I claimed the ITP #651600 on Roboto fonts from Android OS. After a short discussion with Fabian on pkg-fonts-devel I agreed to merge it with existing fonts-droid and renamed the source package to fonts-android which now builds fonts-droid and fonts-roboto. Package is ready but I'm still seeing if I can fix any bugs on fonts-droid before asking for a upload.
  • Wrote a simple script which was derived from droid fonts package from Fedora to get the android fonts from the upstream repository automatically. Enabled this in get-orig-source target for fonts-android. Since cloning a more than 600M repository is PITA I have a local copy of fonts-android and use it to create new release of fonts-android. Additionally I should say script is not well tested ;-)
  • suckless-tools has entered into Debian Experimental thanks to Jakub Wilk for a very nice review of the package which went in a long thread of more than 50 mails in debian-mentors. The package itself closed a shit load of bugs, but after upload I noticed there are still some pending bugs which I missed from adding to changelog. So I closed #606148 and #689199. Still there are 2 more bugs which seems like fixed in newer version but I need to confirm before closing them, thus making suckless-tools a bug free package.

Upstream Related

I raised a pull request #8 on Gubbi fixing the Makefile to more organized and introducing xz compression in it. Additionally I removed distribution specific stuffs from Makefile and made it generic.

That's all for the two weeks. This week there will be foss.in and we will be having some Debian specific mini conference, including some Debian basics to newbies and some bug squashing if any :-). So more to report next week, till then Cya.

Posted by: copyninja on Monday, 19 November 2012

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