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Weekly Log - 27/3 - 112012

OK I became again lazy to log my works and combined 2 weeks again :-). Most of my work is for Debian for this 2 weeks.

  • More reviews from Jakub on suckless-tools and more fixing :-). This time Jakub identified that ssid is not at all different the setsid from utils-linux package which resulted in me writing to Anselm Garbe of suckless project, who told that first reason for writing ssid was setsid code during that time[1] which really does suck. He agreed to obsolete the ssid project after some clarifications.
  • After mail to Conor Lane Smith upstream author of sprop and then writing to Anselm, sprop now has finally is placed under dl.suckless.org/tools which means I don't need to refer to Mercurial tip anymore.
  • fonts-deva-extra is no more containing the Gargi and Sarai fonts as both fonts have got upstream and now will be part of fonts-gargi and fonts-sarai. I'm now reviewing fonts-gargi which is being packaged by Jishnu. To be frank I'm loving the review process ;-).
  • After a while I again worked on friendica package for Debian and after fixing a stupid mistake by me I released a version of package for testing as I run my friendica on my laptop itself. I did try piuparts for testing but couldn't get it working. After testing I got positive feedback from the fellow friendicans [2][3]. Note that [2] will be available only if my laptop is online :-). Now I need to try and automate installation of webserver confs I know might not be good idea but my idea is making friendica installation on Freedombox without any hassle. Of course suggestions are welcome :-) package source is at [4]
  • I got a grave bug filed on suckless-tools #692737 which of course can't be taken as security hole directly in fact it was a feature of slock which later got modified later by user patches. After talking with person who filed bug who actually said he is not interested in getting it for Wheezy I reduced severity to important. To be frank this feature is part of 39 version of suckless-tools but change is too much to include it in Wheezy and I was not interested in making another version of suckless-tools I already made 38-2 for wheezy fixing important bug, filed by Jakub.

This week was bit hectic I couldn't dedicate much time for any programming. This week I'm on vacation and will get more time to work on FLOSS and other coding stuffs. Only that I'm on slow network connection :-). Ok cya next week (hopefully)

PS: My last weekly log never showed up in planet.d.o not sure what happened may be because I played with feed generating jekyll scripts. Hope this will show up in planet.d.o

[1] http://code.metager.de/source/xref/linux/utils/util-linux/sys-utils/setsid.c
[2] http://vasudev.homelinux.net/display/copyninja/34241
[3] https://kakste.com/display/beardyunixer/974150
[4] anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/friendica.git;a=summary

Posted by: copyninja on Sunday, 11 November 2012

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